About Us

About Us

The Vista Bar is nestled in a wonderfully unique A-frame building directly behind Bad Boy Burgers. Once the haven of chain-smoking locals in search of inexpensive libations, it has recently (within the past year or so) been remodeled and improved to great extent.

They have a full bar, a large beer selection with both craft beers and cheap domestics on tap, and a cozy gas fireplace that you can lounge beside on cold nights. The remodel added a large section where you can find a second bar area, a huge TV, and pool tables. There’s a patio area in the back, and although it isn’t the most scenic of areas it’s a great place to pass the time with your friends on a warm summer evening.

I’d almost hesitate to consider the Vista bar to be in my beloved “dive-bar” category anymore. But, in the end, it is a dimly lit bar with inexpensive drinks and a friendly local crowd. The biggest plus for me, however, is that it’s DOG-FRIENDLY. Akin to the Symposion, The “V” allows you to bring your pup (so long as your pup is well behaved and brings a leash) so that you can spend some quality time with your fur-family while drinking a tasty micro brew.

A well-rounded “dive-chic” (I just made that up) bar, surrounded by a variety of bench restaurants for when you get hungry (many of which deliver to the bar), that is well worth a visit. 5 stars.

Nicholas R. , Boise, ID

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813 S Vista Ave,
Boise, ID 83705