V’s Mixologists

V’s Mixologists

  • Shirley “Sammie” McMurtrey Owner

    The blonde curly haired one……. I was born and raised here in Boise and am the 5th license holder of the Vista Bar, of those 5, 3 have been Women!!

    Sam’s the life of the party but be sure to mind your P’s & Q’s in this comforting home like environment that she has worked so hard for. Jess -Sweet Tits

    Sam is Mama Bear and the Best Left Handed Dart Player I know!!! –Dave B

    Sam is the Sweetest, kindest woman I know. I am PROUD to say I am employed by such a great woman! –Melissa

  • Dave Barrutia

    Dave Barrutia

    After being horribly disfigured by life, Dave gave up his career as a model and became a bartender. He is an Aquarius who likes long walks on the beach and he prefers cats over dogs because they refuse to work for the police.

    He should run for Governor! Only if he loved babies more  Great Man! Jess–Sweet tits

  • Sandra

    Sweet N Lovely but don't trip her trigger! -Sammie

    Come check out our other new addition, Sandra. She is sweet and witty :) -Jess

    I absolutely love this girl with the infectious smile....plus habla espanol. -Dave B

  • Rachel

  • Jeremy Coverdale

813 S Vista Ave,
Boise, ID 83705